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What is Mandala ?

Mandalas originate from India and are a symbolic spiritual representation of the cosmos or the universe. This type of drawing is very popular in Buddhism and Hinduism.

From Sanskrit, the word is literally translated as “circle”.

The principal function of these drawings is as an aid to meditation and relaxation. They are drawn from the center towards the outer edges, and the shapes have different meanings.

It’s enough just to stare at the center of the design and relax the mind. You can do this exercise in any location, as long as you have a mandala and a peaceful environment.

According to a world-famous psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung, creating mandalas offers a “safe refuge of inner reconciliation and wholeness”, providing a sacred space into which we can invite the Self.

As you draw and create, a mandala can reveal the inner workings of yourself and your soul. It can be used as a meditation and mindfulness tool, to create feelings of inner peace and calm, reduce stress and anxiety, and much more.

It is a fun, creative, and personal way to explore your inner self, express feelings, merge inner and outer worlds, and also use it as a manifestation tool. It can be inspirational and therapeutic.

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What is Dot Mandala ?

Dot mandala is a type of mandala where one uses Dot Painting to create mandalas.

A Dot painting is originated from Aboriginal Art from Australia. It is done by drawing dots of various sizes with different colors to create shapes and patterns.

In this art form, with the help of dots, one creates a mandala painting. Here, you get to blend both these art forms in a therapeutic fashion.


What is Sacred Geometry ?

Sacred Geometry is defined as “the underlying geometry in nature.” It is in the shapes in nature, fractals, reoccurring patterns, and ratios. It is described as “the geometry of consciousness".

It revolves around the idea that all consciousness, including humans, is solely based on sacred geometry. Because of this, we can begin to see and understand where we have come from, where we are now, and where we are going.

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