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Tight Teens

Unemployment among 16- to 19-year-old workers was at 10.2% in April, shy of the 68-year low of 9.6% it touched in May last year, according to figures released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on Friday. Overall, about a third of U.S. teens in that age group are now working, the federal data show.

tight teens

The lives of many teens changed as well. Extracurricular activities, unpaid internships and résumé-building volunteer opportunities filled hours that previously might have been spent stocking shelves or scooping ice cream.

Early pandemic lockdowns drove teen unemployment to a historic high of 31.9% in April 2020. Now, a tight labor market and rising wages in hourly jobs that teens are more likely to take are creating a jobs bonanza.

The purpose of outlining the advantages and disadvantages of hiring teens in this article is to broaden your hiring criteria and make you aware of what hiring teens entails. Despite challenges in the labor market, you must remain compliant with all relevant state and federal laws. This includes proactive efforts such as providing regular trainings and being in-the-loop regarding compliance standards.

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Tight control of blood sugar in teens with Type 1 diabetes may help reduce the disease's damaging effects on the brain, effects which have been shown even in younger children, according to a study published online today in Nature Communications. The findings indicate that better glucose control can actually improve brain structure and function in youth with Type 1 diabetes, bringing them closer to their peers without diabetes, investigators said.

Alicia Sasser Modestino, a labor economist and professor at Northeastern who studies youth in the workforce, told the Wall Street Journal on Sunday that as adult workers leave low-wage jobs for greener pastures amid record job openings, teens are taking over.

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According to a new survey by Junior Achievement USA, a third of teens (33%) say that their parents or guardians are concerned about the cost of back-to-school supplies this year. A higher percentage of teens (37%) express concern they will not be able to get every item they need for back-to-school, and nearly as many (34%) say they have depended on teachers, community donations, and other sources to get supplies in past school years. The survey of 1,004 U.S. teens between the ages of 13 and 17 was conducted from July 5 through 10 by Big Village.

In Indiana, teens can’t pierce their navels (or anything but their ears) without a note from Mom and Dad. Tennessee wants Mom to sign off on body piercing in person. Louisiana law now requires teenagers to "sir" and "ma'am" their teachers. One law in Texas would get the execution age down to 11.

But far from the headlines there is a very different story. We have spent the past year visiting high schools across the country to see how they cope with teen troubles. We didn’t see any wolves. We saw creative people stretching tight budgets to meet their teenagers’ needs.

The kinds of problems that the teens face — illegal drugs, alcohol, reproductive health, violence, suicide, psychological trouble — are just the thing to land them in hot water at home. Worse, they are the issues that raise the loudest voices in the American culture wars. Teen sex? Cultural conservatives prescribe the Ten Commandments. Liberals change the subject to gun control. Well, we are firm believers in both gun control and the Ten Commandments. But in the real world of teenagers, communities and schools, it takes lot more. Yes, it is high time to have a national discussion about teenagers in our society. But let’s put aside the high-flying symbolic policies. While we’re at it, let’s make a break with that whole Puritan attitude. A grudging approach that only frisks the kids for guns has never gotten us very far. Besides, we already have almost two million people locked up and that’s plenty.

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Back to the table of Contents Page Classifieds Palo Alto Online Publication Date: Wednesday, September 08, 2004 Libraries focusing on teensLibraries focusing on teens (September 08, 2004) New homework center, other services could mean space cramp for Main Library by Bill D'AgostinoTeens today have Google, so do they still need libraries? Palo Alto Library Director Paula Simpson believes they do, and she's beginning a new campaign to reach out to middle school students who have been historically underserved by the city's libraries, especially the Main Library, on Newell Road."The Main Library has been predominantly a library for adults," explained Laurie Hastings, who Simpson recently hired part-time to be the new senior librarian for teen services.This afternoon, Sept. 8, Hastings is launching a new weekly homework center for students in grades six to eight in the Main Library, open from 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Librarians are also forming a teen advisory board, to give librarians advice on how to make the entire five-branch system more teen-friendly."We realized that we have to make much more of an effort to keep kids interested in books and reading," Simpson said.Once Palo Alto youth outgrow the Children's Library, there isn't much for them, Hastings noted, adding that the middle school grades are critical years. "There's a lot of stress," she said. "There are a lot of decisions and choices they have to make."The new 2.5-hour, one-day-a-week homework center may pale to the 50 hours a week a student can get homework help in Redwood City's libraries, but it's still more than what has been historically available. Two experienced homework helpers will be on hand for assistance.Last year, the library nabbed funding from the Palo Alto Weekly Holiday Fund and the Friends of the Palo Alto Library for the homework help. However, the dollars didn't come with more space for the program, and there is precious little area in Palo Alto's Main Library."This is really, really an antiquated space that really doesn't meet the needs of the community in the 21st century," Hastings said.To make room, shelves and furniture will be rearranged, which could lead the library to seem more cramped for other visitors. "It's going to be pretty tight," Hastings said.A similar effort was begun last year at Mitchell Park Library, which boasts a "Teen Zone" crammed in among various other programs in the 12,150 square foot building.Meanwhile, Hastings is currently accepting applications for students wanting to serve on the Teen Library Advisory Board, nicknamed T-LAB. The group will give librarians advise on what books and multimedia items to add to the entire collection, what special events to hold, and what other services to create. However, more funds will be needed to implement the teens' ideas.The library's DVD collection is perhaps the clearest indication of the dearth of materials for young adults. While adult film buffs may brighten at the availability of Krzysztof Kieslowski's 10-part epic "Decalogue," and other foreign and independent movies, young adults have few films in stock for them. The book collection is similarly centered on adults' tastes. Currently, young adults struggling with reading may have to travel back to the Children's Library for books appropriate for their reading level, a potentially demeaning trip, Hastings said."I don't think that feels so good," she added.Teens interested in serving on the Teen Library Advisory Board can contact Senior Librarian Laurie Hastings at (650) 329-2664, or at [email protected] Staff Writer Bill D'Agostino can be e-mailed at [email protected] E-mail a friend a link to this story.

In any given semester, students might have the option to take COMM 338, Children, Teens, and Media, a course that explores the role of media (television, Internet, video games, film, etc.) in shaping the lives of children and teens. This past summer the opportunity came with a chance to examine those ideas in not just the United States, but also the United Kingdom, and other locations around the globe. The students who took the course this past summer with faculty members Erica Scharrer and Lynn Phillips, did so as part of a study abroad program at Trinity College, Oxford, in England. The UMass Oxford Summer Seminar is one of the oldest American summer programs at Oxford University. 041b061a72


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