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750x ((BETTER))

The 750x is the workhorse of electric bikes. Crafted from a durable corrosion-resistant 6061 aluminum alloy frame, the 750x is both lightweight and durable. All of our bikes feature a seamless pedal assist and throttle system, so you get the best of both worlds. Go further with confidence! The 750x is powered by an LG 20 AH Lithium-ion Battery that can go the distance.


The Fission FM 750x Electric Bike is designed to meet the challenges of rugged off-road riding while providing extreme comfort. The FM 750x comes equipped with a powerful motor that can be configured to output up to 1200 watts. The 20 AH lithium-ion battery provides excellent range for backcountry expeditions. The FM 750x features a smart color display, pedal-assist, and trauma hydraulic forks. 041b061a72


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