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Legs And Skirt Sex _BEST_

Leg fetishism or crurophilia is the sexual fetish for legs.[1] Individuals may experience a sexual attraction to a particular area such as the thighs, knees, or calves. Crurophilia is often connected to other fetishes with regards to preferences in attire; people with a leg fetish may desire to view specific types of clothing such as shorts, skirts, thigh-high boots, or stockings.

legs and skirt sex

A leg fetish is a partialism in which one is sexually attracted to an individual's legs. Common expressions of this attraction may include intimate physical interaction with the legs or simply act as a fantasy to be admired from afar.

Men self-purported to have crurophilia tend to view the legs as the most attractive part of the female body because of their seductively-teasing nature. Whereas display of the breasts and buttocks is considerably "in your face", presentation of the legs offers more control over how much and for how long.[2]

Although leg fetishes are typically associated with men, they are not a gender-specific phenomenon. A 2008 study by researchers in Wroclaw University in Poland featured a sample of 200 male and female volunteers. Participants were presented with images of people with the same height but varying leg lengths. Their research supported that both men and women find longer legs attractive; the majority preferred legs 5% longer than average, and the ideal female leg length was found to be 1.4 times the length of the upper body. As stated by the lead researcher, "There are good evolutionary reasons for the preference. Long legs are a sign of health." UCLA associate psychology professor Martie Haselton said, "Legginess is something that we know men prefer in mates. The news in this research is that women prefer longer legs in mates."[3] Although leg length isn't always a sign of good health, people tend to prefer longer legs for a more attractive appearance.

Areas of the body deemed sexually-desirable are affected by contemporary social norms and dress codes. A substantial portion of Victorian men famously boasted a knee or ankle fetish. This is due to the modesty of the nineteenth century which considered bare legs in public scandalous.[4]

In the modern era, leg fetishes can often manifest as a subconscious byproduct of western media. Whereas many other cultures consider public display of the legs scandalous, the vast majority of western culture has normalized exhibition of the legs. In many other countries, shorts which reach at or below the knee are considered sufficiently modest.[5] Yet much of western media promotes viewing female thighs. A study on sexual imagery in magazine advertising found that in 2003, 78% of women in magazine advertisements were sexually attired, much attributable to the category of "very short shorts".[6] It is this consistent interaction with media which some ascribe to the fetishism of the legs.

The widespread social acceptance of women showing their legs in public can subconsciously affect men's perceptions. In a 1981 study, both male and female subjects rated their first impressions of female job applicants in 12 outfits. The study supported that, "Male subjects found female models more physically attractive and more likable in short shorts and short skirts compared with regular lengths."[7]

Inoticed on your website youanswered a question from a womanwho asked whether a firm ofaccountants was within its rightsto insist that a female employeewore a skirt suit to work. Youadvised the woman in questionthat such a stipulation is "almostcertainly illegal". UnfortunatelyI have learnt that there isno nation or state *anywherein the world* that affords womenthe right to cover their legs- except for the lucky residentsof California.

I'm a British solicitor (= legalexecutive or junior attorneyin the States) who last yearwas threatened with dismissalfor wearing a smart black tailoredtrouser (=pant) suit to a clientmeeting. My employer insistson above- the-knee businessskirts and no tights (bare legsare the norm in the North-Eastof England) - even in the depthsof winter. In the hope of defendingmy right to modesty and comfortI considered taking the matterto Court to establish a legalprecedent and researched thecase history in my country andoverseas. I discoverd that inthe absence of specific legislationto the contrary (and this exists only in California) all developedWestern nations permit employersto specify any dress code theychoose for women, provided thereis an equally specific codefor men. Why should I have to put upwith the pain of waxing, thediscomfort of being frozen allwinter, the humiliation of menstaring at my legs and the restrictionof always having to sit withmy legs crossed and considerwho's coming up the stairs behindme? Do I really need to do allthese things to be considered"professional"? If so, I'lldo them gladly, because I'mgood at what I do, and wantto get on. Or are they thingwhich prevent me from beingtaken seriously, that labelme as "just a girl"?

In view of the changing trends in the incidence of melanoma at different body sites and in particular on the limbs, the detailed distributions of over 10,000 invasive melanomas diagnosed on the upper and lower limbs in residents of mainland eastern Australia between 1987 and 1993 were examined. Cancer notifications and histopathology reports from the cancer registries of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria were searched manually, and subsites when specified were recorded as shoulder, upper arm, forearm, elbow, wrist or hand, and thigh, leg, knee, ankle or foot. On the upper limbs relative tumour densities were highest on the shoulder, approximately equal on the upper arm and forearm and least on the hand in both men and women; on the lower limbs melanomas occurred more than twice as often on the leg than on the thigh or the foot, taking account of surface area. There was a clear inverse gradient of incidence of melanoma with latitude in the three eastern Australian states studied, but little difference between the states or between sexes in distribution of histological type: the majority specified being specified as superficial spreading melanomas. In contrast to predictions based on apparent frequency of sun exposure at subsites on the upper limbs, the relative concentration of melanomas on the shoulder suggests that wearing sleeveless garments outdoors in the sun should be avoided whenever possible. Also, the similar densities of leg and forearm melanomas seems inconsistent with the relative degree of exposure of each and further suggests that women's adoption of ankle-length skirts or trousers, in preference to knee-length skirts would be a worthwhile modern control measure.

Jessica Leeds is one of two women who came forward after the debate in an October 12 article published by the New York Times. According to Leeds, while seated next to Trump on a flight to New York in the 1980s, he grabbed her breasts and tried to force his hands up skirt.

At another parlor, I worked with a young woman who was a real tomboy, even in a short skirt. Another misconception I had was that straight men only want the girly-girls, and sure, for many, this is true. But a lot also liked this worker with her tough, boyish looks. 041b061a72

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